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It all began playing cards on Monday nights....

About Us

The Pinochle Bugs Social and Civic Club, Inc. was organized from the original social group the Monday Night Pinochle Bugs. As the Monday night group’s membership grew and they began to participate in numerous community projects, the then president of the group suggested they seek national group status. In 1955 the Pinochle Bugs Social and Civic Club, Inc. successfully received its charter from the state of Virginia. Washington DC and Beckley, West Virginia were the founding charter chapters in 1956 and 1957 respectively. Since that time our organization has expanded to 15 chapters with over 150 members.


Our purpose and mission include, but is not limited to, cultivating social relationships between women and fostering interest and improvements in social, economic, educational, cultural and civic conditions in our various communities. These endeavors are carried out via volunteer and fundraising efforts by each chapter.


Each member is sisterly referred to as “Bug” and each has been assigned a Bug nickname. Our spouses and significant others are lovingly referred to as “Pests”.


The National Pinochle Bugs Social and Civic Club, Inc., meets annually in Chapter cities on the third weekend in April. During this time the business of the organization is conducted, enjoyable social activities are held and of course plenty of PINOCHLE is played.



since 1955​

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